Baikal lake travel

There are different types of Baikal Lake travel: sightseeing tours, city tours, active tours, outdoor tours and others. Each and every is unique, but all of them guarantee the unforgettable experience. We offer a variety of Baikal tours from Irkutsk all year round.

We offer a variety of Baikal tours from Irkutsk all year round.


Baikal is the best place to experience a “real Siberian winter”. Winters here last almost a half of the year. : If you want to visit Baikal Lake in winter - the best time to visit IS January, February and March.

This time of the year the weather on the lake is cold and sunny. You'll find all sorts of winter entertainment - from ice-skating and ice fishing, to hot spring bathing and a real Siberian sauna.

Baikal Lake in winter turns into the largest and most picturesque skating rink in the world. During the winter tour to Baikal, you will see amazing ice caves, frozen air bubbles, unique blue ice, hear “the breath of the lake” – a sound that can’t be heard anywhere else. You will take photos of the cleanest and the most transparent magnificent ice. 

Want to see more?

We can include a snowmobile ride or a hovercraft trip in your winter tour program. 

Dogsledding is also a great way to lift your spirit. On a sled with Siberian husky, you'll be racing through the snowdrifts through taiga forest, like the pioneers of Siberian lands. Racing across the snow is really an extraordinary experience. This ride will make your trip to Lake Baikal a truly unforgettable journey.

In the village of Listvyanka you can visit the festival of ice sculptures, the Museum of Baikal or just rent skates and explore the wide open space of the frozen lake yourself. 


Baikal Lake tourism in spring started gaining popularity relatively recently. However it’s one of the most beautiful seasons here as one can witness the slow melting of Baikal ice and the taiga forest flowering. Come along to see the nature awakening – drifting ice on clear water, snowcaps of mountains in the clean transparent air, flowering meadows on the shores of the mighty lake.

Spring on Baikal Lake is a perfect time for skiing or snowboarding.

You can go skiing in Listvyanka or take a trip to a Mount Sobolinaya ski resort in Baikalsk. There you'll   enjoy a beautiful view over Lake Baikal right in front of you.


Many travelers choose summer tours on Baikal Lake. We recommend coming in June, as at the beginning of summer there is no large crowd of tourists here. The weather on Baikal in June is variable. The day temperatures reach 25 ° C, however in the night, the air cools down to 5 to 10 ° C. The peak tourist season begins in July and ends in mid August. So does the swimming season. This is the time when water in the shallow bays of the lake is the warmest - up to 20-25 ° C. Summer on Baikal is great for active tourism. You can order a ship cruise and see the places, which can be reached only by water, like the rookery of Baikal seal. This unique animal is endemic and can be seen only here. Feel like exploring Baikal on your own? Take a kayak trip, an ATV ride along the shores or go hiking in the mountains.


The best time to visit Baikal Lake in autumn is September. It’s still sunny and warm, there’s no wind, the air is clean and transparent and the nature is incredibly beautiful. Baikal autumn is bright and colorful.