Fishing tours

Fishing in Siberia is one of the most fascinating and popular forms of tourism and it’s definitely a good reason to visit Baikal Lake. The variety of species of fish here is truly impressive. In addition to that Baikal fish is really tasty and there’s a wide range of fish dishes of the local cuisine to try. All the above makes this region very attractive for fishing fans.

There are over 60 species of fish in Lake Baikal. The most popular are the omul (cisco), the grayling and the Baikal whitefish. From December to May pikes, perches and daces can be found in the coastal area of the lake. The Baikal whitefish and the omul are deep fish, which are easier to catch in January-April, fishing period for the grayling lasts from December till May. The Angara River is also rich in fish species such as lenoks, graylings and the taimen.

Baikal Lake is considered one of the most beautiful and deep lakes in the world. In addition, it has a great variety of living organisms, which populate its fresh water. Most of the animals and fish living in Baikal are unique; you won’t meet them anywhere else on the planet. There are 62 species of fish here. Therefore, if you are an avid fisherman, we invite you on the Baikal fishing tour. We truly believe that you should experience Baikal fishing!

Get a lot of fun and positive emotions, as well as a rich catch on the Baikal fishing tour. Mild summer weather, beautiful landscapes and the intact nature guarantee a lot of impressions!

Winter fishing in Baikal

Baikal winter fishing is also very interesting and popular among tourists. The great variety of fish (over 60 species) and the incredible taste of local fish dishes make fishing very popular among visitors on Baikal Lake tour.

In December in the coastal area of the lake it is possible to catch the bass and the pike, and the period from January to April is a great time to fish for the omul (cisco) and the Baikal whitefish.