Private tours

Baikal Lake private tour will allow you to enjoy your trip to the maximum. You choose the date of departure, the duration of the trip, the level of comfort, the route and the activities.

There are various options for you: staying in a hotel and enjoying some walks and excursions every day or going on a real active tour. If you want you can combine both. Finally, you can plan your stay on the lake during your grand Asian trip, and take one of our tours, for example Baikal fishing tour or Lake Baikal photo tour.

Planning Lake Baikal private tour on your own can become quite a challenge. You should figure out your route depending on the season, book transfers to selected destinations, choose comfortable accommodation and take into account all the little details. So let our experts take care of planning and booking your personalized itinerary for you. The result will meet your best expectations.

For all the details and prices, fill the application on this web site. We will contact you and answer all your questions.