Walking tours

Walking tours are the classics of active tourism on Baikal. They were created the first in our agency and still haven’t lost their popularity. No wonder they’re so popular, since they allow you to cover a lot of ground and get really close to the most beautiful places on the lake at your own pace.


We can offer you two types of walking tours. First type is classic hiking with a backpack. The second is travelling light, when your equipment is carried for you on a car. If you really enjoy walking and feel like challenging yourself a bit, choose classic hiking. Not ready for such a workout? Choose the second option with easier trails and car support.

Great Baikal Trail is a chain of hiking trails around Baikal Lake. Walking along Great Baikal Trail is a unique opportunity to see the untouched wild nature of the region, admire beautiful views of the lake, climb its high cliffs, step on its rocky shores, have a rest on the beaches in the quiet bays found on your way.

The Peak of Love is a picturesque rocky mountain, 2100 meters high, located close to Arshan village. Climbing the peak is not difficult and does not require any preparation: the tourist trail will take you to the top in 3-4 hours. Once there you’ll admire the stunning panorama of the Tunkinskaya valley lying at your feet, and the majestic mountain country of the Eastern Sayan. According to the legend, if a young couple climbs the Peak of Love, their love will be long and strong, and their children will be healthy.

You can also make a 2-day or 3-day tour to Olkhon Island. It’s a beautiful island where you can see all the most famous views of the lake and relax on your tour to Siberia.

Besides, you can take Baikal Train tour. On this tour you will discover old Baikal settlements, various tunnels, stone galleries, retaining walls, bridges and viaducts. The train makes 3 to 5 stops on its way (depending on its schedule) and there are walking excursions at each stop, which take from 15 minutes to 1 hour.