Arshan tours

Arshan village is one of the most famous sights in Eastern Siberia and people travelling around Baikal frequently visit it. Arshan is located in Tunkinskaya valley, 893 m above the sea level at the foot of the Sayan Mountains.

What to do on your Arshan trip?

Climb The Peak of Love

This mountain is over 2100 meters high, and it offers a stunning view over Tunkinskaya valley and the mountains of the Eastern Sayan. A tourist trail leads up to the rocky peak. The hike takes from 3 to 5 hours to go up, depending on your physical shape.

Explore The Kyngarga River Waterfalls.

The closest waterfall in the cascade is just half an hour walk from the village. A tourist trail through the aromatic coniferous forest leads to it. On your way there you’ll see trees tied round with ribbons and scarves of different colors. The waterfall is about 6 meters high, there’s a rope bridge overlooking it, so you can admire the transparent splashes of water hitting the marble rocks and forming a rainbow in the air.

Visit the traditional Buryat Buddhist temple. There are two stupas and several prayer drums on the territory of the temple.

Find ancient volcanoes. The vents of extinct volcanoes can be found near the village. According to the local legend, there lives Buha-Noyon, the spirit protector of the valley. The Buryats consider themselves his descendants. The trip to volcanoes can be organized as one of nature tours of Baikal Lake.

Go shopping at the Mongolian market. Don’t miss this authentic experience on your way to the waterfalls! At this big souvenir market you’ll find Mongolian tea, the finest and warmest clothing items made of camel wool and excellent tonic balms made with local herbs. Come and visit Arshan on a 1 day tour to Baikal Lake.