Winter tours to Baikal

In winter, Baikal is unique and fabulous. Snowy peaks surrounding it, transparent ice glittering in the sun, fluffy spruces, crispy snow and endless white desert make Baikal a great destination for a winter holiday. Come to celebrate Christmas or New Year on Baikal – the local traditions and fascinating winter activities will make your trip unforgettable. All the excursions to Baikal, in winter bring adrenaline and strong emotions. The number of extreme activities and explorer tours, which can fill you with energy for the whole year, is large. These tours are designed for those who like great adventures. Winter season on Baikal usually begins in late autumn and lasts long (October - November, in December, during the New Year holidays in January, as well as all February).

1. Baikal Lake ice photo tour.

Baikal ice is something really special. The photos taken on the transparent icy surface of the deepest lake in the world with giant cracks running across it make a truly lasting impression. Here and there one can see bubbles of air frozen in the ice. They add a “cosmic” effect to the pictures you make. No wonder the photos of bubbles are so popular on the Instagram!

2. Jeep expeditions.

The specially designed off-road vehicles are your choice if you want to drive to the highest viewpoints and admire the panorama of the lake. These cars are also the safest to conquer Baikal ice – they have powerful engines, which allow them to drive on the icy surface easily. Also they have a very special “local” appearance and add bright colors to your trip.

3. TRAVEL by hovercraft.

The hovercraft (Khivus) combines speed, safety, and mobility. Hovercraft navigation greatly expanded the geographical and time frames of the winter season on Baikal. In addition it made drifting on the ice down the Angara River possible for tourists.


Baikal presents a great variety of winter tours to relieve stress and get inspiration. Enjoy walks on the ice, skate the “giant rink” of the lake, meditate in ice caves and listen to “the breath of Baikal” – the sound caused by ice shifting.


Tasting the local cuisine is one of the most exciting parts of any trip. You can find most popular and delicious dishes of both Russian and Buryat (the native people of the region) cuisine made from local ingredients on the menus in our winter tours on Baikal lake.


Go racing on a sled with Siberian husky through the snowdrifts of taiga forest. Dogsledding is a great way to charge your batteries, get vivid impressions and raise your mood. It will fill you with positive emotions, bring new live sensations and make your trip to lake Baikal a truly unforgettable experience.


Located on the south of lake Baikal, some of the hot springs offer you a unique opportunity to observe a beautiful panorama right from the outdoor pool. Are you afraid of getting cold? Don’t worry - the water temperature in the springs can exceed 30-45 degrees even in winter. 


Mount Sobolinaya ski resort, which is located in the city of Baikalsk, provides 12 mountain-skis routes with a height difference of up to 479 meters. The ski season here lasts up to 180 days - from November to the beginning of May.


The photo tour on Baikal Lake is more than just taking nice pictures. This is the case when the stunning beauty of the lake, the skills of the photographer and technical capabilities of the camera work together to produce a truly magical result. Here on the lake one can capture breathtaking images of ice caves at sunrise and sunset. Beautiful ice creates natural mirrors. Winter and spring on Baikal give many opportunities for photographers: you can take photos of Baikal seal (or nerpa), bears, herons and cormorants.