Summer Baikal tours

We can offer you a lot of options for your summer vacation on Lake Baikal. Our vision tours are a great opportunity to see all the corners of the lake from the south to the north, from the west to the east. Want something else? Try water cruises, fishing or active holidays. Fascinating views, delightful sunsets, snowy tops of mountains are waiting for you. Feel like relaxing on a beach? Come to Baikal and enjoy its clean air and clear waters, get back to nature, clear your mind and just rest.

Horse riding to the most beautiful places: explore rivers and waterfalls, valleys and meadows.

Jeep Expeditions. Get on a jeep and go on an off road trip! You will find the untouched wilderness, see taiga forest, explore the endless spaces around the lake and drive to secluded sandy bays. Jeep tours are also available in Baikal Lake ice tour.

Rafting on swift rivers. Travelling along the river is always fascinating! During the rafting trip, the river becomes a road that moves together with you. Along the way, you will see many interesting phenomena and beautiful landscapes.

Baikal is many millions of years old. And its caves are the best evidence of that. Many of them formed during the ice age, and some were inhabited by ancient people. They still keep the cave paintings inside. We can take you on a journey through labyrinths and extraordinary beautiful stone halls! But it demands experience and preparation.

Summer tours on Baikal are available starting from April-May, in June, July, August and even in September!

The main advantages of Baikal touristic in summer:
• Very beautiful nature.
• Healing properties of Baikal water.
• The opportunity to spend time away from the noise of civilization.
• Many interesting tourist routes - active holidays, cruises etc.
• Diving in the deepest lake.
• Fascinating fishing.