In this tour you will see spectacular view of Lake Baikal, an incredibly beautiful starry sky, with unique energy, visit the widest point of the lake, learn why the Shaman Rock is the center of attraction for many around the world.

 Our guides will tell you about the history of the Buryat in the Baikal region, you will learn the culture and traditions of the local population. Try everything from seafood cuisine too - poses (big meat dumplings) - a traditional Buryat dish for meat lovers, and of course you will have a unique opportunity to taste the purest water from the deepest lake.



  • Duration: 4 Days and 3 Nights
  • Destination: Lake Baikal, Olkhon Island

 Meeting with the guide. Transfer from Irkutsk to Olkhon by a comfortable car. Approximate travel time is 6 hours. The distance is 300 km. On the way, stop for lunch at the local cafe. After lunch, departure by ferry from the mainland to the island. The time of the ferry service is from May to December. *

 Upon arrival in Khuzhir (the largest village of Olkhon) accommodation at a recreation center or in a guest house.
After checking you will visit one of the most beautiful places on Lake Baikal Shaman Rock cape Burhan. Dinner. Free time.

 Meals - dinner.

* In the high season - (the second half of July, the first half of August) - due to the long queue for the ferry, waiting time for the ferry can take from several hours to a full day. In this case we order extra transfers on the island, from the ferry to the village of Khuzhir, and back on the fourth day.

 After breakfast leave to Cape Khoboy - the most northern cape of the island. On the way you will visit the most beautiful places of Olkhon. You will see picturesque bays, sand dunes, steep cliffs, wild beaches of the island. You will take pictures of the unique nature of the deepest lake. After a picnic and walk. Return to Khuzhir.

 In the village you can walk along the beach. If you like cycling, you can rent mountain bikes. After a fruitful day, you can steam out in a Russian sauna with birch brooms. Dinner. Free time.
 Meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner.

3  The South of olkhon

 Visiting the southern part of the island. Departure after breakfast. You will visit the best places of the steppe part of the island. In the evening after returning to Khuzhir, you can order an extra excursion by boat, to the island of Ogoi, where you will visit the Buddhist Stupa of The Great Awakening. 

 By prostrating before a stupa, we turn our face away from our egos and toward our enlightened nature. By circumambulating—walking around the stupa in a clockwise fashion and reciting prayers—we keep the image of enlightenment at the center of our attention.

 Stupa is also a spiritual oasis, a place to refresh the spirit, gather strength and hope and connect with a deeper truth.  Just to see a stupa, to walk around it or to feel the wind blowing by it is a blessing.

 It is most beneficial to circumambulate a stupa, walking in a clockwise direction, at least three times, while reciting mantra or making heartfelt prayers for the benefit of loved ones, the state of the world, or all sentient beings.  Or you can also simply sit in front of a stupa and generate good thoughts, compassion and loving kindness for all beings.

 Meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner.

 After breakfast return to Irkutsk.
The guide will take you to the hotel, airport or railway station.
 Meals - breakfast



3-star hotel accommodation
  •  2 people – 74 000 rubles per person
  •  4 people – 53 000 rubles per person
  •  6 people – 44 000 rubles per person
  •  8 and more – on request

For more information please contact us via email at our contact page.


What's included

The prices include:
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Meals according to the program
  • Transportation according to the program
  • 3-star hotel accommodation
  • National Park Fees
Additional services:
  • Bicycles for rent
  • Boat rental
  • Russian Sauna/banya


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